Megan was making reading groups for her first grade class - she decided to name them after architects with buildings in Columbus, Indiana (her home town). There are three reading groups, ordered by reading level...

Group one is Pei:

I.M. Pei "Cleo Rogers Memorial Library"
Rogers Memorial Library - Flickr user Jeffery Gerhardt

Group two is Roche:

Cummins Inc. Corporate Offices
Cummins, Inc. Corporate Offices - Flickr user Scott Olson

Group three is Saarinen:

North Christian Church
North Christian Church - Flickr user Warren Lynn

I was personally disappointed that she didn't go with Venturi:

Fire Station Number 4 01
Fire Station No. 4 - Flickr user MAS Studio

Hopefully we get out to Columbus very, very soon.

AuthorChris Hamby