I got to love Ando's work and theories when I was researching him for my house project last semester. This new station is environmentally friendly and takes the commuter experience into account. 
"Ando's design--dubbed the Underground Spaceship after the giant egglike structure floating in the middle of the station--uses what he calls the natural ventilation system. The system is based on science that just about any primary school child understands: hot air rises, cold air sinks. In the station, the hot air generated by incoming trains, body heat, electronics and other machines rises and dissipates through a gigantic duct more than 30 meters deep and 10 meters wide. Conversely, fresh air is brought into the station, cooling the trains and the station, all without the help of fans or other machinery."
-Daily Yomiuri Online

Looking at this 360º view, it's amazing how much light comes down into the station. A lot nicer than the stop at 23rd and 8th that I used to have to use.

AuthorChris Hamby