The weather held up for the most part (really hot though) and I was definitely overwhelmed by the number of books on sale - I bought a few things but I don't think I saw a quarter of what was there.Panel on comics with cartoonists Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, and Chris Oliveros, publisher of Drawn and Quarterly. Was mostly about editing comic anthologies but it drifted in a few interesting directions.

Chris Ware mentioned Achewood and his tribute or shout-out or whatever from Chris Onstad - but apparently he didn't really understand it, so that was sort of disappointing. The three of them definitely made it clear that they were paper and ink guys and it was too late for them to really 'get' comics on the internet.

In general it was a nice day downtown and I managed to miss most of the Bluesfest crowds - I'd like to go again next year a little bit better prepared.

AuthorChris Hamby