East Meets West contacted me yesterday to tell me that I didn't get the internship with them... at this point I was expecting it but it wasn't a great feeling. I honestly applied to the thing spur of the moment but as time went on it became clear that I was depending on it. Now that my assisting gig is over I have to decide pretty soon what I want to do this summer - I think my deadline is next Sunday when I'll be at my family graduation party and everyone will have questions.

It's funny, I realized this afternoon that I'm really looking for a job with a nonprofit or just something with lofty goals. I know it's sort of a lame goal to 'help people,' but if you asked me about nonprofit work when I entered college I would have scoffed at the idea. Oberlin has definitely, finally, made its mark on me. Knowing that now it's easy to have regrets about the sort of courses and experiences I decided to take while I was there, I was pretty unfocused and not all that passionate about what I was doing. This last year and semester in particular I've finally felt that spark and that deep interest in what I was doing, in class and out, and I think that made it a lot harder to leave.

Anyway we'll see where I am a week from now - it should be enough time to work some of these things out.

AuthorChris Hamby