One issue for a potential Chicago Olympics in 2016 is the fact that despite the abundance of sporting venues in the city, none are currently large enough to host the opening and closing ceremonies.

So apparently the organizers of the London Olympics are in talks with some Chicago officials about dismantling their stadium once the Games are through and shipping them cross-Atlantic to be assembled here. Eco-friendly building? Cost-cutting? I mainly just think this could be an interesting trend for future Games, maybe allow them to be hosted in a wider variety of cities if the whole thing could be packed up and moved.

In all honesty what I really should be thinking about is my new college grad status and the tricky question of what to do with my life, etc etc etc. I guess one upside is I'll probably have more time to make posts here while I'm figuring out how to spend this summer at least. I'll keep you updated.


AuthorChris Hamby