Technorati indexed 133 million blogs but only 1.5 million were active this week. It's sad to think about all those sites out there, started with ideas and hopes and etc. only to float through the web unviewed and covered in a thick layer of dust. At the same time, I must have personally started/abandoned six or seven different pages, and I don't think that my web footprint is exceptionally large. 

Merlin Mann wrote a pretty definitive answer to "What makes a good blog?" over the summer, and I'd imagine that most of those abandoned blogs were not "good" by his definition (though 43 Folders would probably be listed as abandoned by Technorati's parameters). Without the spark of obsession and desire to share, a site whithers and dies very quickly.
So far this page doesn't really meet his criteria, but I'm still getting comfortable writing in this space. Writing a blog has to become at least a habit and a necessity if not an obsession in order to thrive, and I come close to losing that on here often (especially close after my move). Here's to staying active.

P.S. I really recommend reading that whole Technorati article, it's a really interesting demographic breakdown of writing on the web (also super recommend everything on 43 Folders)

AuthorChris Hamby