So my main source of income here is my temp job at SEIU Local 32BJ, a position I got thanks to a friend's recommendation as well as my valuable experience working with Fred Bucholz, DuPage County Recorder (probably more the former than the latter).

The work consists mainly of me calling the shysters in the Bronx who didn't turn in their new contracts and harassing them. It would be a grind if I didn't work with old-school union men with filthy mouths and weird senses of humor. There are a lot of stories, but I think an exchange that happened today sums up the work environment pretty well:

John walks/flows over near my desk, notices a paperback book
John: What you reading? Kavalier and Clay? What's that about?
Myself: It's a story by Michael Chabon, it won the Pulitzer a few years ago.
John: Oh the Pulitzer, of course. Hey, Anthony, you always read Pulitzers right? Anthony reads the new Pulitzer every year.
Anthony (yelling from his office): Hey I know who Pulitzer is you fuck!
John: Every year, Anthony hears who won the new Pulitzer and he gets angry, cause no one fucking Pulz It more than he does! Ha!
Anthony: He was a non-union fuck he was!
John: No one pulls it more than this guy here!
Anthony (still yelling from his office): Pulitzer was an anti-union cocksucker! This asshole doesn't know that! Haven't you seen Newsies?!
Myself: ...

AuthorChris Hamby